Diamant Triumph

Protection, functionality and a secure basis from a single source

Extraordinary answers for unique necessities. Not off the rack, but rather forthright: DIAMANT Metallplastic GmbH creates and delivers complex answers for explicit necessities and individual client demands.

From testing to private mark. From lab tests to unique bottlings. From the main plan to the completed item: The item advancement of DIAMANT Polymer acknowledges uniqueness in series. Custom for unique assignments, very much designed down to the last detail, individualized from capacity to shading.

Our development services at a glance

product customization

Modification and alignment of the DIAMANT range of products to special customer requirements. Economical, effective and also for smaller purchase quantities.

Product development

Complete new product development and realization according to specific customer specifications and goals.

Special bottlings

Filling of ready-to-use product batches in application-related container sizes for time-optimized, uninterrupted and economical series processing.

Application optimization

Development of the optimal application technology parallel to the product development.

Own label, own brand

Filling and packaging of DIAMANT products as private labels for customers who use them. For example, after joint product development or contract development.

Laboratory tests

Comprehensive testing on behalf of users for products, materials, substances, etc.

Practical testing

Reality-related tests, for example for the behavior of DIAMANT products on user-specific surfaces or materials. Determining the optimal product configuration for the respective application.

Product development and service go hand in hand - for more efficiency and customer satisfaction

An extraordinary customer orientation is the core of our solution offer. With the decision for a DIAMANT product you can always be sure that you always have a competent contact person to solve your problems.

Do you have any questions about our product development or would you like to request a development from us? Then feel free to contact us directly.


DIAMANT Polymer: performance, service, innovation

An exceptional client direction is the center of our answer offer. With the choice for a DIAMANT item you can generally be certain that you generally have a capable contact individual to take care of your concerns.

Do you have any inquiries concerning our item improvement or might you want to demand an advancement from us? Then, at that point, go ahead and reach us straightforwardly.