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EP-Flow is a solvent free, self-levelling 2-part epoxy resin grout. A top notch polymer matrix joined with chosen fillers permits the application even with huge layer thicknesses of up to 100mm. With EP-Flow, gaps, gaps and cavities can be cast rapidly , effectively and with a positive fit. After EP-Flow has solidified, you get a perfect, vibration-resistant connection of the joint surfaces. Applicable to concrete, steel and wood. Suitable as a foundation for machines and systems and as a high-quality floor covering.

Typical application


Chemical resistance

EP-FLow is resistant to water and many chemicals such as petrol, oil, acids and alkalis.For chemical resistance questions, if it’s not too much trouble, contact our engineers.

Storage / Shelf Life

Store in the original, unopened container in a dry place at room temperature (+10°C to +25°C). Shelf life 24 months. Protect from direct sunlight. Higher temperatures reduce the shelf life.

Mixing Process

Use a screwdriver or similar pointed object to pierce the plastic cover and the base of the cover underneath so that the hardener in the cover can flow into the resin underneath. After a waiting time of 30 – 40 seconds, the lid is empty and can be removed. Mix both components thoroughly.

Application Description

Process the material immediately after mixing.

Safety Data Sheet for DIAMANT EP-flow

Safety Data Sheet for DIAMANT Ferro Set

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