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Mold guideways and hydrostatic bearings to them and adapt them perfectly without mechanical processing
Mold complex shapes and structures with the highest precision without mechanical processing.


Our moglice FL/P is a medium-viscosity 2-component sliding coating which can be used to manufacture guides, hydrostatic guides, plain bearings and sliding surfaces. The dimensionally accurate moulding technique enables complex shapes and structures without mechanical processing with a precision in the µm range. In modern production technology, the process times and costs can be reduced significantly. The material can be separated from the mating surface by using a micro-thin layer of diamond release agent. The result is an exact copy of the workpiece surface.


Product features

Chemical resistance

For chemical resistance questions, please contact our engineers

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Storage / Shelf Life

Ensure that it is stored in a dry, cool and frost-free place (5°C-+20°C). It’s shelf life is 12 months. Keep it away from direct sunlight as higher temperatures reduce the shelf life.

Preparation / Surface Finish

The guide surface to be coated is roughened to improve adhesion. The peak-to-valley height should be 0.5 mm (Rt-500 µm). The roughening can be done with a high feed cutter head on a milling machine.

Mixing process

To mix moglice FL/P, component B is fully added to the container that has component A. Mix intensively with a drill and the our mixing propeller (prod. no. #0789) (max. 250 rpm for approx. 2 minutes). Scrape off any material sticking to the wall of the container with a spatula and add to the mixture. Mix thoroughly again.


Moglice FL/P should be poured into a clean container in a long, thin, uninterrupted stream.

Application Description

Transfer moglice FL/P into a 1K empty cartridge and inject it through an inlet channel into the prepared, sealed cavity. To avoid the influence of air, fill the cavity from the deepest point. Alternatively, the moglice FL/P can be cast on a boxed surface. Support the even flow with a spatula. Process the surface after curing.

Qualification and service

To ensure the best possible quality and error-free application, we offer the following services: Advice over the phone and/or at your site Site supervision and monitoring of the work on site Complete execution of the work by our experienced application engineers
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Safety Data Sheet for DIAMANT Moglice

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