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As an internationally renowned full-service provider of metal-polymer systems, ie coatings and polymer-based products, DIAMANT Polymer GmbH offers innovative and high-quality solutions for industrial use.

When it comes to metal-polymer systems that include products based on polymers as well as coatings, Diamant Triumph provides top class and innovative solutions for industrial use.

Our products ensure you don’t have to worry about rejects and the related costs. The future is all about liquid metal-polymer systems as they are the best fit for anti-wear coatings. They are also idealas sealants for thermal coatings as well as rapid prototyping.

Diamant Triumph’s products can be applied in a variety of industries, including foundries, the ship and automotive industries, among others. We can process the products at a faster rate and with precision thanks to our professional assembly and application service.


We manufacture and service top of the line polymer-based productswhich ensure our customers can retain value.


Diamant Triumph has been in business for a few decades and we have proven ourselves internationally when it comes to innovative products related to polymer systems and coatings.


We ensure all our products are of the highest quality.

Polymer-bound 2-component
specialcoatings for industrial use.

  • Competent consulting
  • Custom product development
  • On-site assembly (construction site)
  • Available worldwide


July 23, 2021

Repairs made easy with DIAMANT moglice

The sliding coating moglice has a high priority in our extensive product portfolio. This polymer, which has proven itself in mechanical engineering for slideways, is now also being used by a very large customer for the repair of printing cylinders. In addition to the usual cans, moglice is also available in a user-friendly 2-component ready-to-use cartridge system, which ensures the simplest use, rules out mixing errors […]

July 21, 2021

DIAMANT MM1018 injection pads make it possible

A particular challenge in assembly in steel construction is the time, structures have to be assembled efficiently in predefined periods of time. If there are delays due to production-related tolerance deviations, for example machine components adjoining steel components. The two areas of mechanical engineering and steel construction have different tolerance requirements, but […]


March 5, 2020

Thermally sprayed coating:
impregnation and sealing with dichtol

Thermally sprayed coating: impregnation and sealing with dichtol

July 5, 2019

Video newsletter “Lego” bridge – gap compensation with MM1018

Video newsletter “Lego” bridge – gap compensation with MM1018

May 27, 2019

Seminar: MM1018 Non-positive gap compensation in steel and bridge construction

MM1018 – Seminar: MM1018 Non-positive gap compensation in steel and bridge construction

Multimetal, now MM1018 - the first metal-polymer with building authority approval

Multimetal, our “liquid backing plate”, comes with polymer bonding which totallytransforms gap compensation. This ensures your assembly process becomes quicker and safer, while also reducing costs!

When you’re working on complex activities such as constructing a bridge or even a wind power plant, multimetal is appropriate to use as it makes sure unevenness and imperfect flange connections are taken care of.

There are a number of other advantages of using the tried-and-tested multimetal MM1018. It not only helps save time and expenses, it is resistant to weather changes and chemical spillage. It is also resistant to any pressure put on it and can become fully resilient in short period of time. It also comes with general building authority approval.

Seal and seal microporous metal with capillary action? seal!

When coatings are being treated using thermal spraying in a capillary-active manner, there are always cracks, which need to be sealed. We manufacture dichtol, whichis a 1-component polymer system, to make sure metal can be sealed reliably.You can use dichtol for any kind of pores, ranging from the smallest to the largest.

However, dichtol need not be used only in case of a crack. Instead, you can even use it as a preventative measure. Dichtol can permeate even the tiniest metal opening, so you can use it as sealant without having to resort to mechanical or thermal stress.

Liquid metal for surfaces: When things have to go fast!

Many a time, you would be in need of quick repairs for pipes or radiators. The best solution for this is the liquid metal that we manufacture. It is a one-component cold metal that you can use for repairs on metal surfaces for up to two millimetres of layer thickness.

The 1-Step-Metals that we have can be used as filler with the help of the appropriate tool. Once they complete curing, you will see that they have completely adapted to the base material. We offer different variants such as aluminium, steel, bronze, iron and cast iron.

Quality is when the customer comes back - and not the product."

Our products can be used for small repairs or even for large-scale operations and can be utilised in a wide variety of applications. You can benefits from the vast amount of experience we have in this field as our products have been tried and tested repeatedly with complete success.

DIAMANT® GmbH offers you:

  • Expert advice from specially trained and experienced staff
  • Product development that is specific to every customer
  • The assembly on site
  • A product range that is accessibleall over the world
  • The seal of quality
  • Innovation of the highest quality

Get in touch with one of our service technicians to get more detailed information about all the advantages and applications related to our products – we would be glad to assist you.