Diamant Triumph

Steel-steel connections: the only solution with building authority approval

Diamant Triumph is unique in that it has building authority approval thanks to the MM1018 polymer system, which is 100% non-positive and positive gap compensation. Along with this, the polymer system is also recognized by various associations and is included in installation regulations.

The two-component reactive resin system, packed with special metallic substances and which can be applied on site, can be used as a paste or liquid. In one step, it can get the absolutely positive and non-positive gap compensation – without the need for mechanical processing orextra wedge plates or lining plates. When you compare this with the conventional methods used for gap compensation, you save a lot of time and personnel costs along with the added advantages of greater flexibility, sustainability and economy. You can use it anywhere that needs full-surface gap compensation related to steel and bridge construction –this can include bearing seats, flange connections, head plates, ledger and diagonal connections.

This is the perfection solution for connections that are preloaded as there is high compressive strength, low creep under load and almost no shrinkage.