Diamant Triumph

Gap compensation on wind turbines: towering above

Compensation of tolerances at lightning speed: Our polymer systems are used in wind turbines all over the world. When wind turbines are being constructed, safety, stability and efficiency are paramount, and it is where our polymer systems show their full potential.

Our polymer systems, irrespective of where you use them as a highly filled metal polymer MM1018 for complete positive and non-positive gap compensation or as grouting mortar for bringing evenness between steel-concrete connections, always ensure on-site application remains uncomplicated and also ensure fast curing. They also come with the potential to save costs in comparison with the convention way of gap compensation when wind turbines are being constructed.
As such, our polymer systems make it easier for you to plan the construction of wind turbines while remaining economical. You would also be able to finish construction on time. More importantly, our polymer systems are technically safer.