Diamant Triumph


Protection, functionality and a secure basis from a single source

The focal undertakings of our corporate movement – safeguard, secure, save – likewise describe our natural way of thinking. In particular to constantly improve cycles and items with a view to supportability, asset protection and natural similarity.

For instance, DIAMANT progressively depends on recovered fixings and sustainable unrefined substances in the formula. As fundamental advances from raw petroleum based and towards future-situated biopolymers.

In doing as such, DIAMANT ends up being a serious trailblazer. In addition to other things, through cooperation in the exploration project supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy for the advancement of biopolymers for hole pay.

Furthermore: By the finish of 2025, DIAMANT will be environment nonpartisan.

Since we don’t simply discuss maintainability – we put it under a magnifying glass.