Diamant Triumph

Mold protection/high-temperature : fire free!

With our iron cement, which is a fire-resistant special cement used in foundry and metallurgical technology, you can be assured of 100% protection up to 1,600 degrees Celsius.

Iron cement from Diamant Triumph is a
1-component putty which is fire-resistant up to 1,600 °C for wear protection on cast steel moulds and continuous casting plants as well as for sealing combustion plants. For instance, it is used as a joint filler on fireclay bricks in ovens or open fireplaces.

As it can be used in temperatures up to 1,600 °C, iron cement is capable of withstanding even the most extreme thermal loads and, for example, reliably protects steel moulds against the hot, abrasive cast steel after hardening. As a result, the physiologically harmless putty forms the reliable basis for cast steel moulds and furnaces to last longer.

The application is very simple and efficient: the ready-to-use 1-component special putty is applied with a spatula in a layer thickness of 2 to 3 millimeters before each new sprue. This means: minimum effort for maximum protection.