Diamant Triumph

Adjustment pads to compensate for tolerances: Adjust surfaces with absolute precision

Many a time you will need to adjust machine parts with extreme precision. Our adjustment pads can help you do that without the need for complicated equipment. When there are inaccuracies related to production in the micrometer range, the moulding technology helps compensate with the need for additional mechanical processing – even with different layer thicknesses.

Our DWH product line has proven itself throughout the industry and has shown to be dimensionally stable fine adjustment coatings for bonded surfaces on devices, components, machines and machine tools.

The metal-polymer potting compound enables micro-accurate moulding in situ and an exact copy of the tool or part surface.

The ready-to-mix 2-component polymer system can be used without any special knowledge and can be used in three consistencies: pasty, liquid and injected with a hand cartridge. The main areas of application for the adjustment pads for tolerance compensation are: