Diamant Triumph

Mouldable sliding coatings: maximum precision with
minimum effort

Molding of complex shapes and structures without mechanical processing with a precision in the µm range. All this at the lowest cost and time. This is what it looks like, the wishful thinking in mechanical engineering.

But that need not be the case, as Truimph’s moglice, which is a mouldable sliding coating system with sliding fillers, offers exactly that. The system creates a surface on plain bearings and guideways, precisely moulded to the micrometer. The sliding coating hardens without any shrinkage. As a result, the moulding surface is accurately transferred to the coating.

This is how the sliding coating system DIAMANT moglice protects against abrasion and wear

The mouldable sliding coating allows dynamic elements to run smoothly, protects against abrasion and wear and thus significantly reduces manufacturing and operating costs. It allows a completely jolt-free start and a smooth movement even when there are high surface loads. The material continues to maintain its properties even the conditions are unfavourable, such as insufficient lubrication.

Weighing or measuring is no longer necessary

Compared with a conventional cast iron pairing, friction is just one-seventh of the value. Composite polymers ensure there is excellent sliding between the machine components even when they are manufactured using different materials.
Typical areas of application in mechanical engineering are: