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Steel-concrete connections: faster leveling of unevenness

For the construction industry,we have developed a special grouting mortar that can help swiftly level the unevenness you generally see in steel-concrete combinations. This resin system, called “EP-Flow” is fast-curing and very flowable. It helps closes gaps and cavities completely.

The grouting mortar is applied as an intermediate between the steel and concrete connections and is applied from a layer thickness of 10 millimetres.

The mortar has ideal levels of viscosity. This means you can fill it in cavities irrespective of size and it will level on its own. As the material is also highly stable, you can be sure the dimensional accuracy remains even where there are fluctuations in the weather conditions.The grouting mortar is also resistant to corrosion.

In comparison with mineral casting system, the plastic-based material hardens and shows high strength in just 60 minutes.

As such, EP-Flow can be useful in a number of areas such as concrete and steel hydraulic engineering. Typically, you can apply EP-Flow for grouting work on reinforcements, rail systems, and storage foundations, among others. It can also be used in steel and wind energy towers.