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100% protection up to 1600 °Celsius: iron cement. The special putty for worldwide foundry, metallurgical and furnace construction technology Refractory thermal wear protection for longer service life of cast steel molds and furnaces. Resistant to high temperatures, physiologically harmless, ready to use.


iron cement is a physiologically harmless, high-temperature-resistant 1-component special cement for application temperatures of up to +1600°C. After iron cement has hardened, it protects molds against hot, abrasive cast steel. Furthermore, iron cement is excellently suited for the sealing of continuous layers of continuous cast molds and as a refractory repair putty for furnaces, ovens, etc.


Typical applications

Storage / Shelf Life

Store dry in the unopened original container between 10-30°C. Avoid direct sunlight. The shelf life is 24 months.

Processing / Preparation

For optimal adhesion of iron cement, we recommend degreasing the surface before application. For this we recommend the use of DIAMANT Cleaner #1417.


The ready-to-use paste is applied with a spatula. Fast hardening takes place up to a layer thickness of approx. 2-3mm. The putty applied hardens within 2 hours. After this time, subsequent layers can be applied. Curing takes about 2 hours at +20°C room temperature.


At 20°C about 120 minutes/ 2 hours

Safety Data Sheet for DIAMANT Iron Cement

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