Diamant Triumph


Permanently positive and non-positive composite materials for mechanical engineering.

Sophisticated and mature solutions for µm-precise molding, high-precision sliding and fine adjustment in mechanical engineering.

In the mechanical engineering industry, new challenges are always coming up on a regular basis. As such, it is necessary to have tailor-made solutions without much delay.As there are heavy forces wielded on all machine components during production and operation, it is extremely important to have positive and non-positive connection technology. In mechanical engineering, surfaces are elaborately processed using such methods such as fine milling, honing, scraping and grinding, among others. Our moulding solutions are the perfect solution here as they bring down machine times and reduce your costs significantly. We offer solutions individually tailored to your requirements, no matter the problem you’re facing!


Perfectly linked: product quality and service quality

Our Metallplastic comes with product quality that has been tested all over the world as well as the best service in the industry. In mechanical engineering, precise solutions are required and we offer just that, without compromising on alignment and other such specific needs. Our range of services includes:

If you want to know more about permanent positive and non-positive connections without mechanical processing, you can contact us for a consultation. We have experienced employees who will be glad to assist you.

Full-service provider of high-quality polymer systems

Diamant Triumph Polymer is internationally recognized as a full-service provider of high-quality polymer systems for mechanical engineering, especially when you need a permanent positive and force-fit connection without having to use mechanical processing. It can also be used for static connections such as flanges, and for dynamic connections such as hydrostatic bearings. When you use our polymers, they always fit with µm precision without processing while at the same time being extremely durable.

We have spent decades in developing and manufacturing our polymers, which why is they are preferred all over the world by mechanical companies when it comes to repairing, machine overhaul and new construction such as machine tools.