Diamant Triumph

Additive manufacturing

Post-processing solutions for additive manufacturing with DIAMANT polymer systems.

When constructing prototypes that come with complicated geometry and have a high amount of individualisation, you will need to take the help of 3D manufacturing, or also referred to as additive manufacturingor generative manufacturing. There is a wide scope for 3D manufacturing and its application towards manufacturing end products has been growing rapidly.

During the additive manufacturing process,there is a lot of physical or chemical hardening involved as well as melting processes that go into creating3D objects from different materials. During the process, there is usually a micro porous structure, which can be vulnerable to water absorption and other affects such as UV radiation, yellowing and abrasion, among others.
When you use conventional methods during 3D printing, you end up with only limited protection for such impairments or no flexibility related to user-specific issues.

But Diamant Triumph solutions are entirely different for this area:

We offer these solutions in a number of top quality products that can be applied in a wide range of places. They also come with formulations that can be customised for individual needs.