Diamant Triumph


Wear protection and metal repair with polymer composite systems from DIAMANT.

Increased service life, faster repairs, less effort and lower costs

Abrasion, cavitation, chemicals, erosive corrosion: There are a diverse number of ways your machines can have a long-term damaging effect. The protective measures against such negative influences must be appropriately targeted. Diamant Triumph has a varied product range of polymer composite materials that can help give industrial and commercial users effective solutions for maintenance and repair. Our systems can be used preventively and reactively, as material variants individually tailored to user conditions. They are also not complicated when it comes to application, technically sound and also cost effective.

Pump housing and pump impellers: lasting performance support

Extended service life, less maintenance, increased economy. Ceramic-based polymer composites from Diamant Triumph reduce wear and increase the efficiency of pump systems. Wear protection coatings are used preventively or as a reactive material used to rebuild or repair worn or damaged surfaces.