Diamant Triumph

Manufacture seals on site: cold harden instead of vulcanizing

If you want to manufacture machine seals and wipers directly on site, you can now do so without the need for complicated equipment or injection moulding that comes at a prohibitive cost. Our offerings are individually shaped and simply cold-curing and as such are economical, flexible and also save time. They can be used as a one-off or part of a small series. This is all possible due to elastomeric sealing solutions that we offer, especially for use in mechanical engineering.

Our diaflex sealing solutions are permanently elastic, which means you can be assured of high tensile and tear strength. The elastomer is resistant to oilsand coolant emulsions and is, at the same time, stable even under permanent duress. The material can withstand constant temperature loads from -20 °C to 80 °C without any issue.

Typically, the material can be for manufacturing seals, wipers and tool holders. It also comes in a number of colour options.